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Complex compositions
A boy and his dragon by aelur
Marcel and Vincent by aelur
Cuentos de la Selva by aelur
Long Hard Road Out of Hell by aelur
Embrace by aelur
[Colored + Background + Any number of figures] 
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Lone Figure + Background | Two figures + simple background
Hannibal by aelur
Shake me by aelur
The Slurpee Murder by aelur
The Doll Maker by aelur
Jessebell by aelur
Lex by aelur
[Colored + (Background AND one figure OR minimal background and two figures)]
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Agustina Anselmi
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Agustina Anselmi - lowbrow art | aesthetic terrorism | noir | all kinds of yerbas because why not. 21 years old. Argentina.

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GB Harrymort by aelur
GB Harrymort
Because these days in my life there's only room for femslash (?)

Fem!Harry (Harriet) x Fem!Voldemort as inspo for a fic I'm writing.  
Uhhh... what the fuck is this???
Alulim by aelur
One of Cambalache's characters     
Gog Magog by aelur
Gog Magog
Finally finished my ‘Gog Magog’ piece. I’ve been reading Cyclonopedia: Complicity with Anonymous Materials which is a weird meta fiction book written by a middle eastern philosopher. It talks at length about petropolytics and delves into some sort of weird numerology that I found fascinating. 

What I represented here was what the book calls the broken star, or the Cross of Ankht. It differentiates itself from the jewish Tree of Life by adopting the (imperfect) nine base instead of an ascendant ten-step path to perfection. It makes the case that while the Sephirot comes full circle in perfection (10 = 0), the broken star goes back to zero (9 = 0) crumbling from 9 peaks in its original form to an inverted cross to an horizontal line (the horizon on the desert). So while the Sephirot is life, the Broken Star is death. 

The cross is arrange so the peaks + troughs are equal to nine, and are then arranged in this way to denote the way internal and external forces come together:

As can be clearly seen, that is the arrangement I portrayed. (3 teeth = 6 eyes, 5 fingers = 4 jewels, 2 fingers = 7 wounds, vagina (which is horizontal 8 also infinity) = 1 penis which also hides 2 which makes 3 and thus hides YHWH, and 9=0 which is tied to the ground which ties it back to oil/petropolytics. 

I put in some other stuff, like Jachin and Boaz on the hermaphrodite’s legs (the pillars of the Temple of Solomon), the alchemical dragon on the semicircle under its genitals and the face of the sun (which is mentioned as the victim of earth’s tellurian dynamics in the text). The dead cow’s head is to be read using its spanish denomination - Vaca Muerta, which is the site of a massive oil well in Argentina which has been a frequent figure in my country’s petropolytics

Hey everyone! I don't know if you remember, but some time ago I posted a whole bunch of character designs for a comic I was planning to do. So after a whole lot of comings and goings, and trying to decide the visual style for the pages, I've finally started posting it. I'll post it here as well, but the DA interface is probably not the best one for comic reading so here's the ComicFury page for Cambalache. 

So, what is Cambalache anyway?

I'm shit at deciding the titles for my stories, mainly because I tend to try and write so many things into them that I just can't summarize it with one title. And this story was going to have a whole lot of different things that I wanted to play with, that while drafting it I referred to it as "that potpourri story". 
Cambalache is the name of a tango song I really like, and the word is a lunfardo slang term that used to refer to a shop where they sold second-hand trinkets of any kind of origin, a kind of low-class potpourri. And that's what the story is, a bunch of characters and plots that go together like the trinkets at a cambalache. Old, bitter, melancholic and waiting for something that will give them a new shine. 
It's about the paranormal, it's got fantasy and horror elements, but it's mainly a sort of coming-of-age alchemic story. It's based on many things that I've seen happen and that have happened to me in the past 6 or 7 years. I'm shit at trying to explain it, but I guess the tl;dr of it would be "boys trying to play the magicians, necrophiliac girls raising the dead and traumatized children giving form to chaos gods".

Who are the main characters?
Those would be Gualicho, a typical nerd who has Lovecraft's entire work, considers himself to be some sort of armchair magician and is generally the kind of dude who with just the right amount of douchebaggery could turn into an A+ fedora wielder; Lucía/Luc, a really sweet, if naive, Colombian girl who chats with Gualicho and daughter of a very wealthy Colombian businessman who doesn't give a flying fuck about her, and Sabrina, a necrophiliac girl who has the very detrimental power of raising the dead.

So yeah, that's the gist of it :D I'd really appreciate it if you could check it out.  


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